I n f i n i t y


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     Infinity is just starting and I have many plans for it. Here you can peek at few things likely to come in future updates.

Future plans
  Alien races - alien races with their own graphics sets and specific bonuses/penalties. Game is ready for this but lot of pictures have to be drawn...
  NPC life forms - for example half-sentinent growing/shifting space organisms.
  NPC events - e.g. struggles between Etherals and new similar race opposing them. Dyson like barriers (like from Commonwealth saga) or other remants from ancient departed civilisations. More content esp. for later stages (cluster, Universe).
  Sound effects - I'm considering to add some ambient sounds.
  Projects - something like wonders in Civilisation but "location based" where all bases in location can cooperate to create one.
  Diplomacy,Trade - this is not priority but it is likely I will enhance diplomacy/trade options in (more distant) future.
  Infinity mode - this is distant future... Hardcore mode where civilisations would grow and die out while new ones are born. Could be in theory played without end but it brings up lot of balance questions and significant game mechanic changes.
  Linux port - port to linux platform (should not be that difficult as it is C/OpenGL but right now I don't see it as priority).