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Hardware requirements
Minimum Recommended Remark
CPU 1 Ghz ≥ 2 Ghz Will probably work on < 1Ghz but it can be too slow
Screen resolution 1024x768 ≥ 1280x1024 On smaller resolutions the playfield is too small and interface can be cut off
Graphics any OpenGL any OpenGL Without HW OpenGL the refresh rate and reponses may be too low
Memory 500 MB ≥ 2GB Cca Tiny=200MB Small=400MB Normal=1GB Large=2GB Huge=4GB + OS req.
free HDD space 100 MB ≥ 500 MB Cca 7MB game, cca 10,20,50,100,200 MB per save game depending on Universe size
Input Keyboard Keyboard+Mouse Can be fully controlled by keyboard but mouse can make few tasks easier
OS Ms Windows XP Ms Windows XP, Vista Should work on other Ms Windows providing requirements are met. Considering migration to other platforms in future (Linux)

Direct download
Infinity 1.0 - installation files
Manual - Infinity manual (included in installation)

eXplorminate forum - discussion board where you can leave comments or ask questions
Facebook - Infinity on Facebook + discussion forum (no longer checked by me)

Infinity is distributed as portable application. There is no need for special installation. Please check the documentation for more information.