I n f i n i t y


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     Infinity is civ-like strategy game that allows you to take your civilization from small tribe on planet onwards to colonize stars, galaxies and, at the end, the vast Universe itself. Focus is placed on exploration, expansion and combat. I wish to bring some new ideas to this genre and give you original gameplay experience.

Key features
  Multidimensional world - instead of single 2-dimensional map the game world consists of many objects (planets, stars, galaxies, clusters and the Universe) each with its own 2-dimensional map. They are linked together in hierarchical structure representing the Universe.
  Epic size - the Universe can contain hundreds of planets with >150 competing civilisations. The game can handle thousands of cities and tens of thousands military units awakening epic scale dynamic world.
  Simple rules - Easy to learn and control even after the empire grows to colossal size.
  Steady performance - Optimized to provide steady perfomance with very little slow-down as the game progress.
  Challenging AI - AI can expand aggresively, actively defend its territory and launch harrasing as well as coordinated attacks against your bases.
  Advanced AI managment - Customizable AI management to take control of cities that no longer require constatnt attention. Various unit commands that help you to manage huge armies as well as actively defend territory in secured locations with little intervention required.
  Kardashev scale - The game uses modified version of Kardashev scale to let you easily keep track of technological advancement of your civilisation compared to your rivals.
  Scalability - from tiny universes (which are still huge compared to typical game worlds) that can run on weak configurations to large universes for epic experience on stronger configurations.
  Multiple possibilities - the complexity of the game is not defined by difficult rules but instead by huge, structured, varied game world that brings various situations leading to different possibilities and choices to be made, among others:

Few constraints
  Infinity is one-man project so to be honest with you I must mention some limitations this brings up that you should consider. To sum it up Infinity is not about striking audio-visual presentation but instead aims to provide interesting, challenging and original gameplay. You can try it for free to see if it suits your taste.
  Simple graphics - Graphics is simple but clear to help you quickly recognize where you are so you are not lost in the vast place. Check screen shots.
  No music - As I am no composer there is no music, only sound effects... So feel free to play any music you like on the background as do I.
  Limited support - I'll try to fix any reported major issues (crash, slow down or major bugs) but I can not garantuee any response or when I would be available. You should try the game first as it allows you to play for considerable time. When it works fine for you and you like it then consider purchasing the full version to support its further development.